Guided tour

Guided tours give visitors an insight into the history of the Degenfeld family. The family trees provide an overview of the family’s history over several centuries. The different branches of the family and their prominent representatives are presented. In the next room, an exhibition dedicated to the first poetess of the Hungarian Baroque, Kata Szidonia Petrőczi, who preceded the Degenfeld family, will give an insight into the life of the poetess and introduce you to the world of her poetry.

There is also an exhibition of coats of arms in the castle. The coats of arms of the Hungarian and Armenian nobility of Transylvania are the works of József Novák.

Through the different historical rooms of the castle, the building’s twentieth-century destiny is brought to life. Thanks to the authentic furniture, the visitor is transported back to the early twentieth century. The personal objects of the Degenfeld family (books, utensils, furniture) give an insight into the family’s everyday life.

A special feature of the tour is visiting the auxiliary rooms and outbuildings: the basement, the kitchen, the water tower.